We are proud to share in our blog this amazing collaboration: Rinpoche – The Cemetery Chronicles, Prelude. Art and Story by: Sonilda Bardhoshi Mills and CROSS.

Rinpoche – Prelude was a project from which we learned a lot of valuable tips and lessons about comic books – creating, publishing and printing them.

This is the story of Chu and Cross that live a happy life in their lovely house, deep in the woods. Their mysterious friend, Trye, fills their life with joy and cuddles. They are constantly being disturbed by very detailed and graphic nightmares that none of them seem to understand.
Could these nightmares be more than just bad dreams?

Get your copy of our comic book today to learn more about these nightmares and help us fund the making of Volume 1, where the story will continue to unfold!

Rinpoche – The Cemetery Chronicles, Prelude

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