I’ve had the opportunity (in many occasions) to collaborate with different artists and bands on logos, album art, shirts, etc. and they are these awesome, hard working and talented people. I thought it would be a great idea to get them to share their awesomeness with their fans through a 20 question interview series on my blog.

For this blog of the series, I am very excited to interview the one man band from Australia, Orbyssmal!


Hi, how you doing? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Appreciate it!

Cross – I have never been to Australia (hopefully will visit it sometime in the future) – what can you tell us about the heavy music involvement there? What do people like these days (before the Covid-19 lockdown)?

Orbyssmal – The Australian metal audience is great. It’s like one big family. There’s generally alot of supporting one another. Some of the most die-hard fans reside here.

Cross – Orbyssmal – How did you come up with the band name and what does it mean?

Orbyssmal – Basically a play on words. Orb = earth, abysmal, abyss – Orbyssmal. In the grand scheme of things we are nothing on this earth.

Cross – In what I remember from some of the conversations we have had in the past, you’ve been in a band previous to Orbyssmal and you have experienced how it feels to play live. How do you like being on stage?

Orbyssmal – Playing live on a stage in front of people is like nothing else I’ve experienced. Especially when they are getting into what you are creating. I’ve been lucky to stand on stages that some of my favourite bands in the world have themselves played on.

Cross – You’ve played Bass, right? In that band. How do you like playing a bass guitar?

Orbyssmal – I am primarily a bassist. It is indeed my preferred weapon of choice.

Cross – Which bass guitar is your favourite?

Orbyssmal – I just can’t go past the Ibanez range. For sound, playability and price nothing else even competes. SR305EB-WK is the current model I am playing.

Cross – In Orbyssmal albums, are all the sounds and music from actual instruments or is it just the guitars and the rest is digital?

Orbyssmal – Everything is created by me. All the foundations of the music are created by instruments, the drums are an electronic kit. Any other sounds used are also created by me. Sometimes digitally and manipulated ’til I get the desired result. The base foundations however are always guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Everything else is garnish.

Cross – Being a one man band, which parts do you record first and what is your favourite part of the recording process?

Orbyssmal – I tend to record guitars first. Which is pretty unusual, I suppose. Generally most will track drums first. I also do not play to a metronome ever. My favorite part of the process is the end result and hearing a track exactly the way you had envisioned it.

Cross – If you could be in a famous band (Australian one if need be) which one would it be?

Orbyssmal – My favourite Australian bands wouldn’t be my favourite if I was in them. Haha.

Cross – The best influential guitarists/bassists in your opinion?

Orbyssmal – Guitarists that have left a huge imprint in my mind are (in no particular order): Jimi Hendrix, Dimebag Darrell, Horror Illogium, Wes Montgomery, Jeff Hanneman, Dino Cazares, Dave Mustaine. I’ve probably missed a tonne. As for bassists: Les Claypool, Jaco Pastorius, Cliff Burton, Geddy Lee. These guys broke the mold of what the bass could indeed be. Again I’ve probably missed heaps.

Cross – How old were you when you started to play the guitar?

Orbyssmal – I got my first guitar at 12.

Cross – Do you have any other hobbies rather than music?

Orbyssmal – Music is life.

Cross – Can you tell us a bit about a live concert you went (of whatever band) that made your jaw drop and why?

Orbyssmal – Black Sabbath will always be the one that stands out. I mean c’mon. Seeing war pigs being played live was just mind blowing. Oh, and Phil Anselmo and the Illegals.

Cross – Are you a horror fan? If so, which one is your favourite movie?

Orbyssmal – I am a huge horror fan. Halloween is my all time favourite.

Cross –  First album you ever bought. How old were you and with whom?

Orbyssmal – First album Pantera – Cowboys From Hell. At 10 years old.

Cross – Are you a football fan or a soccer fan?

Orbyssmal – Watching people kick leather around does nothing for me honestly.

Cross – Your first tattoo? Honest!

Orbyssmal – First tattoo was the Alice In Chains sun, the day I turned 18.

Cross – How has your music evolved since when you started playing music until now?

Orbyssmal – My music is always evolving in one way or another. I don’t force anything and this is by far the easiest output of music I’ve ever been involved in. Very natural.

Cross – What has been your biggest challenge as a one man band?

Orbyssmal – Honestly, nothing. I create alone by choice not necessity. Everything is on my own terms. The end result is that more satisfying when you create solely alone.

Cross – What are you working on these days? Is there going to be a new Orbyssmal album anytime soon?

Orbyssmal – I currently have all songs recorded for the next full length release. Excited about this one.

Cross – Is there something you would like to say to your fans?

Orbyssmal – Thanks to anyone that has purchased my music and even taken the time to have a listen. It is greatly appreciated.

Cross – That was fun, thank you again!

Orbyssmal – No problem.