Interview – Beastial Piglord – Horror Films


Realizing how much I enjoyed my first interview about one of my passions: horror movies, I decided to keep on doing them. It helps me discover horror movies I haven’t heard of before and it’s real fun. Talking about horror movies makes me as happy as a child gets when they eat ice cream (laughs. Love ice cream by the way).

For this interview I talked to the one-man band, the artist behind one of the most productive, awesome bands out there: Beastial Piglord.

On our first interview we had about his music and stuff he likes, he surely admitted to be a horror film fan.

Cross – Hey Hudson! How you doing?

Hudson – I’m good.

Cross – First of all tell us what horror genre you dig more? No titles.

Hudson – Pretty much any genre as long as it’s from the 60s-early 2000s.

Cross – In our first interview when asked to name a horror film who scared you to death when you were little you said, Jonathan Liebesman’s “Darkness Falls”, was it? How old were you when you first watched it and why would you suggest it to horror fans now?

Hudson – Yep, “Darkness Falls” scared the s**t out of me when I was a kid. I was maybe 12 when I saw it for the first time and it made me terrified to turn the lights off for months, its not scary now, but as a kid it definitely freaked me out.

Cross – I know you’re a huge H.P. Lovecraft’s fan. I mean you have a portrait of his, tattooed on your leg. (I hope that ain’t something you didn’t want me to put out there). Stuart Gordon’s “Re-Animator”. Let’s talk about that. What can you tell us?

Hudson – “Re-Animator” is definitely on my list of favorites. It’s just the perfect combination of horror/comedy/suspense. Watch it and see.

Cross – I don’t think there are many horror fans who haven’t watched “Re- Animator“ once. Another Lovecraft based horror film directed by Stuart Gordon is “From Beyond”. Satire and artistry mixed with the slime. What do you think about this film?

Hudson – I absolutely love it, and Jeffery Combs who played Herbert west in “Re-Animator” also stars in this movie, its just another perfect example of a classic 80s horror film with no CGI. All puppets and hand crafted effects.

Cross – Talking about Lovecraft, it has been said that Carpenter’s “The Thing” was inspired by Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madnesses”. Nothing official though. What do you think? Are you Hudson a “The Thing” fan?

Hudson – I have a lot of “favorites” haha and “The thing” 1982 is definitely one of them. Pure brilliance.

Cross – Here’s another Lovecraftian movie. “The Whisperer in Darkness”. Every time I mention it, I also say this to people “If you are an H. P. Lovecraft’s fan and haven’t seen this yet, please slap yourself, then see it as soon as possible.” (Laughs)

Do you know about this film Hudson?

Hudson – Nope. I tend to stay away from modern movies in general. Haha

Cross – This one is something you would like. I mean what are you still doing here? Go watch it!!  (Laughs)

I think it’s fair to name some of your favorite Lovecraft tales, after all his work has been a gargantuan inspiration to many horror artists. If you could not include the ones which inspired these movies we just talked about, which ones would be your favourites?

Hudson – THE LURKING FEAR!! Paranoia at its finest.

Cross – Just one?! You’re killing me. (Laughs) But I totally agree with that one. In my first horror interview with Mike, from The Tell Offs band, we talked about Tobe Hooper’s “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, but with you I would like to talk about “The Funhouse”. You suggested it to me some days ago and I loved it. What would you say about ” The Funhouse”? In some reviews I checked, it didn’t look like people fully got this film.

Hudson – You either get it or you don’t, I don’t see what’s not to get, its funny, creepy, suspenseful and action packed. A great thriller and I’d recommend it to any horror film fans.

Cross – Here’s another Tobe Hooper’s horror, mystery and suspense “Eaten Alive”, known as “Death Trap”, “Starlight Slaughter”, “Legend of the Bayou” and “Horror Hotel” with the one and only Marilyn Burns and Robert Englund. Does it ring any bell?

Hudson – I’ve seen over 2,000 horror movies so some of them I have forgotten about.

Cross – It happens. I usually go for a weekend horror film marathon and at the end of the day I mix em all together. (Laughs)

In my very first horror film interview we talked about “Scream” movies too. You own a Ghostface mask. That means just one thing: that you love “Scream” and Wes Craven. Many dislike the “Scream” movies, (*whispers* I’m one of them) why do you like em?

Hudson – He reinvented horror with those movies, the same man who reinvented horror with “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, who thought he could do it again? Well he did, and countless movies have taken inspiration from the “Scream” films. Because that’s what the scream movies are. Just a big spoof of all the big horror films.

Cross – Here’s a Wes Craven movie I enjoyed, “The People Under The Stairs”. You watched this recently, right? How was it?

Hudson – I loved it, I love a horror movie with a good moral to the story.

Cross – “Bigotten”, E. Elias Merhige. How did you find out about “Bigotten” and why do you love it? I know you love it! (Laughs) Maybe not as much as I do, but I know you do.

Hudson – It’s a visual representation of a nightmare for real.

Cross – Right on point. “The Blob “. Chuck Russell directed it and Kevin Dillon with his mullet plays Brian, a teen anti-hero, who rocks up on his motorcycle to rescue the whole town. Tremendously revolting and wonderfully funny. The effects are superb in this film and the Blob itself genuinely scary. Another one of your suggestions. What does this movie do for you?

Hudson – This movie feels even more spectacular now, because it actually reminds me of the real world we live in now.

Cross – That’s what I thought when I watched it. Lerry Cohen, “The Stuff “. Almost similar to “The Blob “. One of the lines of this movie is , “Are you eating it or is it eating you?” You seem to like gelatinous monsters (laughs). “The Stuff” ‘s effects are surprisingly good. What do you think about that?

Hudson – It is very similar to “The Blob”, but it’s more of satire on American consumers than anything else, its funny and super entertaining.

Cross – An incredibly perfect movie for 1922, Benjamin Christensen’s human sacrifice “Häxan” (The Witches) . His second film after his debut in 1914 with “Det hemmelighedsfulde X” (The Mysterious X). Ever heard of any of these two?

Hudson – I have never heard of that one.

Cross – It’s one of my favorites, “Haxan” that is. You should give it a try. I’m curious to know if you ever heard of one of those films that people either adore or despise, “Basket Case”? There are three of them, but I do like the first better. Such a great film. What do you think?

Hudson – I’ve seen the first one and I fucking loved it.

Cross – There’s a horror comedy I like (another one of your suggestions) Dan Aykroyd’s, “Nothing But Trouble ” where he plays the Judge. Tell us how much you like this movie? Another fun character of Aykroyd’s is  Beldar Conehead , Donald R. DeCicco. (Laughs) Coneheads (1993 ) is hilarious. Do you agree?

Hudson – Yeah “Nothing But Trouble” is another horror/comedy that I adore. Great story and great actors. Coneheads is also a fantastic comedy.

Cross – “The Devil’s Rain” (1967). You mentioned it the other night. How was it?

Hudson – Never got around to watching it!! I am soon.

Cross – There’s a horror/crime film I remember you watched sometime ago. Not sure if that was your first time checking it out, but I’m talking about Henry (Michael Rooker): “Portrait of a Serial Killer”. What did you think about it?

Hudson – Yep, this is one of those more realistic horror/thrillers and it’s definitely a good movie for non-horror fans.

Cross – Are you Hudson a fan of “The Exorcist”? Story by William Peter Blatty, one of my favorite books. One of Linda Blair’s greatest performances. They say that some audience members in the ’70s fainted after seeing Dick Smith’s grisly makeup effects on Blair.

Hudson – This one also creeped me the f**k out as a kid, love it.

Cross – We talked mostly about old horror films. Is there any recent horror film that you might like to suggest? Or anything else you might like to add?

Hudson – Every once in a while a good one comes around, I mean “The Human Centipede” was actually very entertaining and had a good story throughout, but people only seem to talk about that one nasty scene, which is the least important part of the film, and as non horror goes “Joker” 2019 was brilliant, a perfect movie. If you take out the name Joker it’s pretty much a psychological thriller, its incredible.

Cross – Thank you for taking the time, once again to answer to my questions! It’s been awesome! Thanks again!

Hudson – Thanks for having me, Cross!