Interview – Frozen Soul – Samantha


Today is another one of those days where I break my own rules and interview another amazing artist. I have previously mentioned on my blogs that these interviews I am going to post on my web page are like a small window for fans and other people to explore bands and to get to know these talented artists a bit better.

I didn’t know this band was out there or the girl, I’m gonna have the pleasure to interview this time, even existed ’till a couple days ago. It’s a sort of, shame on me, and you’ll understand why as we go on with the interview. She’s the bass player for the death metal band from Ft. Worth TX, Frozen Soul.

Cross – Hey Samantha!

I’m going to ask you a bit about the band you’re in and little by little we’re gonna get to some questions that might be a bit more personal. Now, as I just mentioned you play the bass. When did you start playing guitar?

Sam – I started playing bass in the summer of 2018!

Cross – How did you get to become the bass player for Frozen Soul?

Sam – Well I’ve known Chad and Michael for a long time. They needed a bass player and I stepped in. My other band was about to split up, so it was perfect timing. I started jamming with Frozen Soul and it just worked… and the rest is history.

Cross – I’m sure many know about Frozen Soul but on the other hand there are people like me, who don’t.  Frozen Soul has 5 members, right? Can you introduce us, who and how they invest in the band’s creations?

Sam – Yes , Frozen Soul is comprised of five members. Chad on vocals, myself on bass, Michael on guitar as well as Chris, and Matt is the drummer. We all help write and bounce ideas off each other… it’s always a group effort.

Cross – Frozen Soul’s first demo “Encased in Ice” came out in 2019. This demo has a cover you guys did of one of the songs of deathgrind band, Mortician – Witches’ Coven (which has as intro, one of the most Haunting soundtracks of a horror film, Goblin’s Suspiria soundtrack, one of my favorite horror films of all the time. Argento’s masterpiece)! Why did you guys decide to cover that song and include it in the demo?

Sam – We all love Mortician, and we thought it would be a badass song to cover!

Cross – Frozen Souls’ second release was out at about this time of the year, last year. It was a split you guys had with Molder and Coffin Rot, called “Live in Chicago”. Is it from a one-night live show?

Sam – Yes… it was recorded last year in Chicago at Reggies while we were on tour. It’s available on VHS through maniac video.

Cross – Awesome! What do you think about splits, Samantha, how much do they help a band?

Sam – Splits are cool, I think it helps bands out quite a bit… especially if they’re in a similar genre.

Cross – You guys have everything ready for your first full length album “Crypt of Ice” which is coming out on January 2021. How much work was put into this upcoming album?

Sam – A lot. We have worked relentlessly on this album. I’m ready for it to be out already!

Cross – You guys recently released an official video for “Crypt of Ice” – the album title track. Was this your first time participating and being part of a metal video, Samantha?

Sam – Yes! We filmed two videos back to back in the same day. So Crypt ended up being the second one that we filmed. I was pretty exhausted haha.

Cross – As we mentioned earlier in this interview you guys do live shows. Now, this question has been bugging me. (Laughs) I read in a comment under a live show of Frozen Soul, it said this person has seen you guys play with Obituary. As a fan of theirs and I’m sure you’re one too… I mean, who ain’t? How true is that? When was it, what show and where?

Sam – We played with Obituary back on the 24th of February at Ridglea, in Fort Worth Texas. That was actually the last live show that we got to play before everything got shut down. We also filmed our set, and clips from that show will be used in the Encased in Ice video! It was an awesome show and definitely one for the books!

Cross – Wish l been there. Talking about Obituary can you be that kind Samantha and tell us your favorite Obituary album?

Sam – Cause of death.

Cross – You guys got a shirt design from Mark Riddick, (riddickart) in 2019. Was that difficult to get? (I’m a huge fan of his art. My first  three serious artworks were my modest versions of some of his artworks).

Sam – Not particularly… he actually reached out to us for the collaboration! I’ve always loved his art so it was an honor for sure!

Cross – Cool! And here we get to the part that we’re going to talk a bit more about you. Talking about Riddick and all, you’re a visual artist as well. A tattoo artist. When did you first start to show interest on the magic a person’s fantasy combined with a pen and pencil can do?

Sam – I’ve been drawing since I was a kid… I really was in awe of Graeme Bases illustrative books I had as a kid. Tex Avery cartoons really influenced me too as a child. I still love that style a lot!

Cross – Gorgeous illustrations, Graeme’s. I get told way to often to switch to a tattoo artist. So, I’m curious to know how different is for you to work on skin compared to drawing on paper?

Sam – Tattooing is incredibly difficult compared to paper, because there is a lot of variables. It’s quite stressful… and it’s permanent.

When you are tattooing a human being, you have to consider their pain tolerance, your hand speed, volts, needle groupings, the overall design/placement and how it will hold up over time, their complexion, and any movement whatsoever they make… will all affect the tattoo. Skin is alive, it bleeds. It’s permanent. There’s a ton of pressure and trust that goes into the whole process. It’s definitely not a career for the faint of heart. Paper is easy compared to tattooing for sure!

Cross – Do you have your own tattoo shop?

Sam – I do not. I’ve only been tattooing a little over a year now. I’d eventually like to have my own shop once I get some more experience in the industry.

Cross – As a tattoo artist do you have any favorites (tattoo artists that is)?

Sam – Joe Chatt, Wrest, and Panchos Placas.

Cross – Are you a horror film fan, Samantha? If so, do you have any favorites?

Sam – Yes I’m a huge horror fan! My personal favorites are Silence of the Lambs, House that Jack Built, and Mandy.

Cross – Nice picks. As a bass player which one is your favorite bass guitar and how many bass guitars do you own?

Sam – I currently own 4, and my BC rich widow is probably my favorite right now.

Cross – As a bassist I’m gonna have to ask you who is your favorite bassist?

Sam – Jo Bench!

Cross – Bolt Thrower, ha! What else do you like to do in your free time?

Sam – I like to play video games, paint and draw, and spend time with my animals.

Cross – Anything else you might like to add?

Sam – Wear a mask and get tattooed and listen to Frozen Soul!

Cross – Thank you for your time Samantha! It was fun. Much appreciated!