Ballpoint pen on letter size paper 

In my opinion, Morrisey is one of the best poets and a master of emotion deliverance. My finished drawing of Morrisey, drew him for my own pleasure, because some Boys are Bigger than others.
“The abyss in which I live hasn’t the wit to save itself from savage ignorance, and I now feel assured that I am not in the company of my own species (at least, I hope I am not, for if I am, then I am they). Dear God, let time pass quickly, and let this end. Let me be older and let this mediocrity pass as a dream – one in which the utmost was done to bury me alive.”
– Morrisey, Autobiography.

CROSS Artworks

For the ones who love my drawing of Morrisey, I’m offering prints of my artwork:


Morrisey – Black Print, 8.5 x 11 inches. Free shipping within Canada or USA. Shipping takes 3-5 weeks and shipping options are limited to Canada or USA for now.