The Demon

Ballpoint pen on letter size paper 

My drawing of Gene Simmons as The Demon, from the Kiss band. The paper I used for this drawing is a bit tiring but it makes the pen work and look like a pencil which is always a good thing because it adds softness to it and the drawing seems to breathe.
I was supposed to finish this on Halloween but it took me a while. I’m sure there is not one soul on the face of this planet who hasn’t tried The Demon’s face paint at least one time in their life, for Halloween.

Two more Kiss band members to draw (I’m gonna draw them all).

CROSS Artworks
The Demon

For the ones who love my drawing of The Demon, I’m offering prints of my artwork:

The Demon

The Demon – Black Print, 8.5 x 11 inches. Free shipping within Canada or USA. Shipping takes 3-5 weeks and shipping options are limited to Canada or USA for now.