The Spaceman

Ballpoint pen on letter size paper 

I’ve been drawing whatever makes me think of Halloween lately, and what works better than The Spaceman face-paint? So I decided to draw Ace. I realize the portrait might look somewhat unfinished but I kinda wanted the focus to stay on his eye paint.
I randomly picked a paper, from the pile of paper I’ve been testing and experimenting on, and it happened to be a fun one. It makes the pen work, feel and look like a pencil.
Who doesn’t want to be part of Kiss for Halloween…

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The Spaceman

For the ones who love my drawing of The Spaceman, I’m offering prints of my artwork:

The Spaceman

The Spaceman – Black Print, 8.5 x 11 inches. Free shipping within Canada or USA. Shipping takes 3-5 weeks and shipping options are limited to Canada or USA for now.